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Our Very First Episode!

Welcome to the Archive!

Matt, D.W. and Kelsie are joined by comedian Joe Wagner for the very first episode of this brand new podcast about digging into  favorites.

Episode 1    |    110 min.

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Sci-Fi from the 80s is like the new old sci-fi from the 50s!

In Search of the Otherworld

Matt, D.W. and Kelsie are joined by filmmaker David Weiner to talk about his documentary In Search of Tomorrow as well as Otherworld (1985) and London After Midnight (1927).

Episode 2    |    58 min.

Audio Only:

Killer Machines, Moon Wizards, and President Bush’s Favorite Cat Eating Alien. What more can you ask for?

Just Say Killdozer

Director Noah Mucci joins the Guys to chat about his new Sci-Fi indie LUNAMANCER (2021), the Sci-Fi TV movie KILLDOZER (1974) starring Clint Walker (Cheyenne), produced by Herbert F. Solow (Star Trek), and based on a 1944 novella by Theodore Sturgeon (Star Trek). We wrap it up with a close look at the VHS-only anti-drug masterpiece, CARTOON ALL-STARS TO THE RESCUE (1990).

Episode 3    |   49 min.

Audio Only:

Kolchak Investigates the Army of Darkness – and more!

Stalking the Night

Kelsie, Matt and Dan discuss the classic supernatural TV series’ deluxe NIGHT STALKER (1974) Blu-ray and the show’s long shadow on modern TV, the many alternate endings of Sam Rami’s horror sequel ARMY OF DARKNESS (1990), the VHS-only privileged-human-hunter thriller OPEN SEASON (1974) starring Peter Fonda, why the Supreme Court’s 1990 Abend ruling affects what gets released from the vault, and a story about how one of the guys’ dogs stuck their nose directly in the crotch of a certain star of Godfather III. Twice.

Episode 4    |   55 min.

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Interview with Bryan Cooper of Hollywood Heritage

What is Cinecon?

Matt interviews Bryan Cooper of the Hollywood Heritage Museum about their upcoming classic film festival, Cinecon and why – with the proper precautions – it’s a great time to return to live events. Unlike other Hollywood Classic Film fests, Cinecon focuses on rarities like Silent Films, video jukebox shorts, kinecon, and special guests. This year, Cinecon will be taking place Labor Day Weekend at the Hollywood Legion Theater with tickets still available at DW remains uncharacteristically quiet since his audio goes out while traveling on a cross-country train.

Episode 5    |   37 min.

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Interview with Heath Holland of Cereal at Midnight

Refelctions on Collecting and Lesser Holiday Evils

Matt and DW pontificate the Secrets of Home Entertainment with Heath Holland of Cereal at Midnight. First, they delve into the philosophy of Collecting Physical Media, the early horror soap Dark Shadows’ DVD Box Set shaped like a coffin, Canon Film’s New Year’s Evil on Blu-ray along with endless digressions on things like NFTs, man’s inhumanity to man, and Matt’s terrible business idea that inspired him to buy a box of broken Palm Pilots.

Episode 6    |   65 min.

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Interview with Bret Berg of the Museum of Home Video

The Home Video Museum’s Ephemera From the Vault

It’s Christmas in September as Matt, Kelsie and DW interview Bret Berg, the Creative Director of the Museum of Home Video on their quest to create something new from the depths of the world’s video vault. What kind of stuff? Old commercials. TV specials. Promos. The kinds of things that people kind of forgot about. Bret walks us through a few of his complications including “200 Christmases in 2 Minutes” – an assemblage of every time the word “Christmas” is uttered in the 1994 Beverly Hills 90210 Christmas Special. Every week, join Bret and his multi-talented cohorts as they present a live streaming cabaret of found footage at

Episode 7    |   57 min.

Audio Only:

Episode 2 In Search of the OtherworldFilmmaker David Weiner answers all our questions about In Search of Tomorrow, his brand new comprehensive five-hour documentary about 80s SciFi movies. Then we make a wrong turn in the Great Pyramid of Egypt and wind up in the 8 episode network TV obscurity Otherworld (1985), starring Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks. Afterward, we touch on Lon Chaney's lost horror silent, London After Midnight (1927), and its impact on fandom before wrapping things up with a...

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Welcome to the Archive!

Episode 1 Matt, D.W., and Kelsie are joined by comedian Joe Wagner for the first episode of this new podcast (that's not at all like the old podcast Dan and I used to be on - no, sir!) We introduce the concept of the show and get right into the world of obscure films with a discussion about the world's most popular film IP, Marvel Superhero movies, and how its long tentacles have taken control of pop culture. Next, we talk about Kino Lorber's new Blu-ray of Alias Nick Beal (1949), a...

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